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Creditor Information

Smith Hancock has been trusted to handle the affairs of many organisations, large and small.  Some of our current matters are listed below.  For further information on a particular matter listed, click on the company name.

Company ACN Appointed Appointee/s Case Contact
ACN 002 402 146 Pty Ltd (Manager Appointed) (in Liquidation) formerly Tome Bros Pty Ltd 002 402 146 01 May 2013 Mike Smith
Rommel Alfonso
ACN 143 958 570 Pty Limited (in Liquidtion) formerly known as Autocast & Forge Pty Ltd 143 958 570 11 Oct 2012 Peter Hillig
ACN: 092 745 330 Pty Ltd (in Liquidation) (Formerly SX Projects (NSW) Pty Ltd) 092 745 330 30 Sep 2013 Peter Hillig
Action Paintball Games Pty Ltd (in Liquidation) 085 205 536 26 May 2012 Mike Smith
Rommel Alfonso
Cudgegong Labour Services Pty Ltd (in Liquidation) 096 685 924 06 Jul 2018 Peter Hillig
Robert Kite
Mirzan Mansoor
Express Solar Pty Ltd (in Liquidation) T/as Express Power 154 342 971 11 Oct 2016 Peter Hillig
Scott Martin
GPM Holdings Pty Ltd (in Liquidation) 116 326 026 31 Jul 2014 Mike Smith
Rommel Alfonso
KCX Corporation Pty Ltd (in Liquidation) 163 350 276 24 Jun 2016 Peter Hillig
Rommel Alfonso
Orange Maintenance Australia Pty Ltd (in Liquidation) 162 992 583 18 Oct 2017 Peter Hillig
PC Crane Services Pty Ltd (in Liquidation) 162 566 412 29 Nov 2017 Peter Hillig
Scott Martin
Wasteserv Pty Ltd (in Liquidation) 605 280 153 30 May 2018 Peter Hillig
Nicholas Duck
Workout World Group 02 Dec 2013 Mike Smith
Peter Hillig
Yes Diesel Repairs Pty Ltd (in Liquidation) 607 410 033 21 Mar 2018 Peter Hillig

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